About Us

The GenX Club is a Bhubaneswar based retail group which has tied up with premium brands like LEE, Wrangler, W, Jack & Jones, UCB and the like. The group has 3 Lee stores and 1 Wrangler store across the cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.


The Clubhouse is the 1st flagship MBO store under the umbrella of the group.

Why we are different

With humble beginning and dreams to fly high, we are here to set  a fashion trend to follow….to admire and to define high street fashion  of oomph, style and elegance in the  upcoming  fashion town of Odisha.


Philosophy / Ideology:
We believe that variety is the spice of life! And the elite and fashion conscious crowd of Bhubaneswar demands so. The group has a vision to be among the 1st stores across the market of Odisha to launch the newest fashion trends in the market. Our motto is to be stylishyly…..DIFFERENT ….we strive to be the market leaders for the concept of contemporary style and fashion ethics in Bhubaneswar……. For the classy and elite.


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